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What are the reasons my band would tighten on its own?
What are the reasons my band would tighten on its own?Real reasons from banded ladies, in no particular order, other[...]
The Good News About The Lap-Band
The good news about the Lap BandAbout 76%, or 3 out of 4 people with BMI of 30-40, lose more[...]
My food is STUCK!!! What do I do?
Stuck!!!You’re all dressed up in your new pretty dress, sitting across from your husband, or date, or friend. It’s a[...]

The Band Hack system is a very well thought out approach to the major physical, mental and emotional roadblocks anyone who is trying to lose weight, with or without the band, will come up against. I have found it to be a challenging but reassuring road map that will eventually lead me to my permanent "after" weight. I am very excited at this prospect and grateful to have found the system. 

Tanya Denny 

At week 7 of Band Hack

You have helped me more in last week than I have received in last 2 yrs since surgery. 


At week 2 of Band Hack

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